stl Court Filing

stl Court Filing

stl Court Filing stl Court Filing stl Court Filing stl Court Filing stl Court Filing stl Court Filing

St. Louis Court Filing and Process Serving

The Best of Both Combined

We provide licensed, insured Service of Process in all jurisdictions, and court filing services in all jurisdictions currently accepting paper filings or requiring certain paper filings. Whether it is filing a Pro Hac Vice motion in Federal Court, an original Will in Probate or serving a summons or subpoena, STLCOURTFILING.COM has the expertise to properly serve and file your case documents, reliably and with fast response time.

Over thirty years of court filing experience, our knowledge of local rules, the rules of procedure, and our working relationships with local court personnel enables STLCOURTFILING.COM to accurately and rapidly fulfill your local court filing and process server requests at very cost-effective rates.

Same Day Service - Email notification - Low Flat Rate With Unlimited Attempts

Licensed, Insured Process Server
St. Louis, MO and surrounding counties

Our standard process service is same-day process service - at no additional charge.

Our usual process service is a same-day attempt at one low flat rate per address. Whenever possible our process serves are attempted immediately or within an hour or two after receiving the papers, distance from your location and the nature of the entity being served permitting. We don't stop at three or four attempts. We make unlimited attempts to serve the papers at the same flat rate, and in case of a non-est we look for possible alternate addresses as long as there is time left on the papers being served. Pricing for service of the entity at an additional address is heavily discounted.

Telephone - 314-324-4087



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